Facebook People Search

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Facebook Search
This Facebook profile search helps you find information on people using a full or partial name for the person. You can find a person by name and discover location, pictures, and profiles for people on Facebook.

Facebook's People Search

Facebook is the world's largest social network with almost 2 billion people profiles that you can search.

This makes Facebook one of the best people search engines on the internet. There are always new stories about how people found long-lost family and friends using the name search on Facebook.

It is hard to know exactly how many people have been reunited on Facebook's people search, but there is no doubt that a lot of people have had success at finding people that they lost contact with over the years.

Sometimes Facebook users find past friends, family, classmates or coworkers through the "people you may know" tool on Facebook, but more often, they find a person through Facebook's people search engine. If you want to know what happened to the search filters on Facebook, you can read up on it at Facebook's people search filters.

You can also search for people on Facebook based on the company that they work for or the school they attended.

Facebook's name search is also used to find background information on people. The news is full of stories about how people used Facebook to find criminals, lookup neighbors, find out about potential employees, and research people for numerous other reasons.

Regardless of how you find a person on Facebook, the social media site will continue to be one of the best ways to search for people for a long time to come.

Facebook Profile Search

There are hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, making it the most popular social network at the moment and a great search to lookup and find people online.

Most of Facebook's users have profiles that are regularly updated with lots of identifying personal details and pictures. The vast amount of personal information that people share on Facebook makes it a great tool for finding public information on people for background research.

In fact, Facebook is such a good way to find personal information that it is routinely used by law enforcement, lawyers, private investigators, employers and others to find background information on people.

You can lookup a person on Facebook using a full name, nickname or partial name. You can even search for people using only a last name, if you are trying to find possible family for yourself or someone else. You can learn more about how Facebook collects and uses personal information on the Facebook data policy page.

Many businesses, nonprofits, government departments and other organizations also have Facebook pages, so it is possible to find information on an organization by doing a search with a full or partial name as well.