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Official government inmate search and locator sites are a great way to lookup an inmate online. You can find inmate lookup sites at the federal and state level on this page. Some county and local governments in the U.S. have an online inmate search as well. You can use a search engine to find out if a county or city has a local online inmate lookup.

Before you search for an inmate online, you need to know what type of prison the inmate is in: federal, state, county or city. Once you know what type of prison an inmate is in, you can see if there is an online inmate search for that prison. If there isn't, you will likely have to contact county or local law enforcement for the location an inmate is in and to find out if a person is incarcerated there. Some county and city law enforcement agencies still do not have an online prison inmate search.

Federal Inmate Locator

Search and locate a federal prison inmate with the US Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate lookup. Find a federal prison inmate by name or ID number.

National Sex Offender Registry

The National Sex Offender Registry is a database of US sex offenders nationwide. Search for sex offender records and information on this site from the US Department of Justice. Lookup and locate sex offender information easily with this nationwide sex offender search.

Immigration Detainee Lookup

Official ICE immigration detainee search. Lookup a detainee by name, date of birth or country of origin.

Many of the state departments of corrections web sites in the columns on the right have a free online inmate search, locator and inmate prison record information. Others have phone and address contact information for locating an inmate and inmate records.