Sex Offender Search

Sex Offender Search

You can search the National Sex Offender Registry as well as individual state sex offender registry sites to find information on convicted sex offenders in the United States. You can often search a sex offender by the person's full name, or search for offenders by geographic location. The National Sex Offender Public Website also offers a mobile app that let's you search for sex offenders from your mobile device.

The National Sex Offender Public Website is the official U.S. government site that collects state, territorial, and tribal sex offender information and makes the information available through one national search site.

The advanced national sex offender search tool lets you search for offenders a number of different ways:

  • Search by the person's name nationally or regionally
  • Reverse address lookup to find offender location
  • Search for sex offenders by zip code
  • Search for sex offenders within a county
  • Lookup sex sex offenders within a city
National Sex Offender Public Website

The official NSOPW search site.