Public Record Search

Public Record Search
Search for U.S. public records by record type or description.

U.S.A Public Records

This search is a great tool for quickly finding federal, state, county and local public records online.

To find a government public record source, just search the record's description. The more specific you make your search, the more accurate the results will be.

Some example searches:

  • national archives and records
  • military personnel locator
  • patent records search
  • california unclaimed property
  • virginia vital records
  • washington state archives
  • orange county arrest warrants
  • los angeles county property records
  • new york city municipal archives
  • miami civil court records
  • chicago criminal court records
  • san diego probate court

Using this search to find public records is faster and more reliable than searching through large online public record directories.

Unlike other search engines, this search does not include commercial sites; third-party record vendors or advertisements. This removes much of the guesswork from locating official public record sources.

Only official US federal, state, county and municipal government sites are included in the search results.