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Doing A Property Search

There are a number of good ways to search for property records on the internet. You can use Google to search for property information. You can search property tax assessor sites to find property records. And you can use a public record search site or real estate site to find property information.

The property record searches on this page use BeenVerified and a custom Google internet search to find propert record and real estate information online.

You can do a property search with a full street address, city and state. After entering the location information in the search field, select the real estate site you want to search for property on.

Each property search site offers different types of property record information about a property so you may want to try each one to find out as much as you can about a given property address. -- provides a property overview; sale status; satellite image of the area or location; street map; local school data as well as sales history and property tax history. -- listings contain overview of the property; market and assessed values; street maps and satellite images; school and neighborhood information; real estate sales trends in the area as well as comparables. -- provides an overview of the property; street map and satellite image; property value and rent estimates; sale and tax history.