People Using Drones To Spy On Cheaters

Spy DroneHell hath no fury like a lover scorned. Drone surveillance technology has now made it easier for people to spy on and catch a cheating partner or spouse.

Some divorce lawyers are reporting that people are increasingly using drones to monitor and record the activities of their romantic partners. Lawmakers at the local, state and federal level are scrambling to catch up with legislation that limits the personal spying power that drones give to the general public.

On August 29th, the Federal Aviation Administration was forced to issue new rules on the personal use of drones because they have become so popular with people. Among other things, the new FAA rules expressly prohibit the use of drones for spying on strangers.

Notwithstanding current of future FAA rules, it is believed that people will continue to use drones to spy on their lovers, partners and spouses. However, using drones to follow and spy on other people would likely be covered under existing stalking laws.

Many private investigators are already using drones as surveillance tools for catching cheating spouses.

Legal experts warn that if you use a drone to spy on another person or hire a private investigator to do it, you may be violating a number of federal and state laws. You may want to think twice before using a drone to run surveillance on other people – besides being loud and easily recognizable, using drones to spy on people may also be illegal.