Mother & Daughter Find Each Other After 50 Years

Molly & Rosie Reunion
Molly Caldwell ( left ) reunites with her birth mother Rosie Marie Clagett ( right ). ( Photo Credit: Molly Caldwell / Caters News )

An adopted woman has managed to find her birth mother after 50 years of wondering and searching.

Molly Caldwell, 48, was adopted as a baby and has always wanted to know who her birth mother and father were. The only information that she had about her birth parents was that her birth mother gave her up for adoption because she was a single, teenage mom who was unable to care for her and wanted her to have a better life.

Molly was adopted and raised by Brian and Barbarah Donahue. Molly was born and raised in Ohio. She had been searching unsuccessfully for her biological family for 16 years when all of a sudden an important change helped her with her family search.

Up until last year, birth and adoption records in Ohio were mostly closed to adoptees trying to find their birth parents. The law was changed last year, giving Ohio adoptees more access to their birth and adoption records. After the law changed, Molly was able to get her birth certificate and start searching for her birth parents.

Unfortunately, everything that Molly did in her search to find her mother led to a dead end. Molly found some information about her birth mother on a people search engine, but all of the potential telephone numbers ended up being no longer in service and letters mailed to her past street addresses failed to reach her.

Molly then turned to social media to locate her mother. As is often the case nowadays, she eventually found her birth mother Rosie Marie Clagett, 67, on Facebook in 2015. Molly had been trying to find her since 2000.

After 50 years apart, the mother and daughter were finally reunited last year. They now talk on the phone with each other daily.

Molly said that she always wondered if she looked like her biological mother and why she was given up for adoption. The family that adopted Molly have always supported her in her search to find her biological family members.

Molly said that she has waited and searched all of her life to find her mother, Rosie. She is grateful that they are a part of each others’ lives now. Rosie said that she had always hoped and prayed that Molly would find her, but she didn’t think that she would ever see her daughter again.

When the mother and daughter finally met, they realized that they were nearly identical in their expressions, voices, physical appearance and  build.

Molly has not found her biological father and is not sure whether or not she will search for him. After Molly’s birth, Rosie never heard from him again.

Since finding her mother, Molly has been active on Facebook with helping other adoptees get their birth and adoption records so that they can find their birth parents too.