Brian Kelly Is Trying To Find Ed Costello

Brian Kelly and Ed Costello
Brian Kelly ( left) and Ed Costello ( right ) at Brian’s wedding.

People search request: can you help someone locate their best friend that they lost contact with four decades ago?

A man from Ireland is trying to find and reunite with a long-lost friend who was the best man at his wedding 40 years ago. Brian Kelly recently made an appeal through the Independent news outlet in Ireland to find his old friend, Edward Costello. The two guys grew up together in Belfast, Ireland and Edward Costello was the best man at Brian’s wedding many decades ago.

The two men were best friends for 15 years, but lost touch when  but their lives took different directions and without the advent of technology, they eventually lost touch after Brian got married and Edward moved to Scotland.

After moving to Scotland, Edward stayed in contact with Brian by calling him regularly at his office phone number in Dublin. However, that contact was broken when Brian’s company was sold and he took a job at another company and got a new business phone number. Brian did not have a good phone number to contact Edward at, since Edward would call him from a phone booth in Scotland.

Brian and Edward lost contact at a time when the internet was not available yet and it wasn’t a simple matter of looking someone up on Google, Facebook or any number of people search sites.

Brian told The Independent that Ed was his best friend who would do anything to help other people out. Brian believes that Edward may be living in Australia, since the two men often spoke about moving their when they were younger.

Brian and Ed first met when they played on the same soccer team at St. Anthony’s Boys Club.

After all of these years, Brian has decided to search for his long-lost best buddy and is hoping that he can be found through social media or other internet searches. Brian said that he would really like to talk to Ed again and find out what he has been doing all of these years.

Anyone who knows Ed Costello or his whereabouts can contact the Independent news agency on Twitter at the handle.