Socio Spy – People Search App For iPhones

SocioSpy is a new people search app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch [ see screen shots below this post ].

SocioSpy lets you find people online and search for personal information about people on numerous social networks.

SocioSpy can do a people search across 21 of the web’s best social networks, like: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Profiles and others.

The 21 social networks that SocioSpy can search have a vast amount of personal information on people that is shared through their personal profiles.

SocioSpy also has the ability to store each people search for later use. The SocioSpy search creates a mini dossier on each person it finds.

SocioSpy bills itself as a spy agency for your smart phone and is geared towards people who need to do a quick people search to find personal information on a person.

The people search app is a mobile way to find current and past friend as well as doing quick background research on a person.

To do a people search on SocioSpy users just type in the person’s first name and last name and choose the social networks they want to search.

People search results are shown as a list of folders with personal information and people’s photos.

Information returned from a SocioSpy search can include a person’s location, interests, list of friends, and any personal information that people share on social networks.

The SocioSpy people search app will retail for $1.99 on iTunes.

People Search App

People Search Results

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