New People Finder Search On Twitter

A new people finder search is reportedly in the works for Twitter users.

The social network is reportedly trying out a new people search tab next to the Home, Profile, and Messages tabs on the home page.

Twitter is also trying a second people finder tool that displays a Find People tab.

Twitter’s new people search tool helps users find friends and search for people on Twitter based on interests. The new people search also lets users find people on Twitter through other social networks like LinkedIn, or email services like Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo.

Twitters new people finder search is an attempt to catch up to third party search services that allow users to find people on Twitter to follow.

Google Follow Finder is a people search that uses Twitter’s social graph information to find people to follow.

Bing’s social search results includes influential people on Twitter to follow for a given topic.

Listorious lets people search for other people on Twitter by topic, location, or profession.

Listorious finds relevant people to follow on Twitter by asking users a series of questions. Listorious will recommend people to follow based on your answers.

Finding relevant people to follow on Twitter is getting more difficult as Twitter grows in popularity.

As of September 2010, Twitter had 175 million registered people and expects to have over 1 billion people using in the future.