People Sue Facebook Over Friend Finder Search

Five people are suing Facebook over their people search tool “friend finder”.

According to, the people filed a lawsuit alleging that Facebook misused their names and pictures in ads that promoted the friend finder search without their approval.

The suit argues that that the Facebook friend finder people search shows their names and pictures in ads displayed to other Facebook people to get them to use the friend finder search.

To advertise the use of its Friend Finder search, Facebook shows the names and images of a person’s friends on their Facebook page, stating that the person’s friends found friends using the Friend Finder people search and advertising that the person also try Facebook’s friend finder search to find friends and family on Facebook.

In addition, the people involved in the suit say that in some situations Facebook is wrong when they say that people used the Facebook Friend Finder to find people on Facebook.

According to the suit, some people have complained on Facebook that names and pictures of people who never used the friend finder people search have been wrongly used to push the Friend Finder search.

The suit also alleges that Facebook has misused their contact lists to send emails to their friends and family who do not currently use Facebook or the Friend Finder search.

Facebook says their is nothing wrong with their Friend Finder people search promotions and plans to fight the suit.