New Facebook People Search Browser Helps You Find Your Friends

Facebook is working on a new people search browser to help users find their real life friends on the social network.

The new Facebook people finder will allow users to find friends of people who share their geographic location, employer, school or university, or people who share mutual friends in common.

Facebook’s Find Friends Browser will simplify the search for people you know, but haven’t necessarily contacted before on Facebook.

The Find Friends Browser will also help new Facebook users find their real world friends so that they can feel instantly connected to the Facebook social graph.

The Find Friends Browser is currently available for a test group at:

People will have access to people search options to help them find a person, including school name, employer, hometown, current city etc.

Users can find people who share the same hometown. This will help Facebook users find people from their past that they have lost contact with.

By searching for people who share the same high school or college, you can find classmates that you have lost contact with or create a list for a class reunion.

The “Friends of…” option helps you find people who are friends with a specific friend in your existing social network.

The the people search results returned show how many friends you have in common, and the find friends search uses this number and other social network factors to order results by relevance.