New Internet Browser RockMelt Mixes Web Search & People Search

A new social internet browser called RockMelt will mix web surfing, people search and social network searching.

RockMelt is being called the “Facebook Browser”, but it is really more than that. It has the speed of Google’s Chrome browser, while integrating social networking and people search features.

Although Rockmelt uses your Facebook account to personalize your web surfing, it is not really a Facebook browser.

Rockmelt is more of a people search and social network browser that lets you manage all of your social networking tasks from the browser itself. RockMelt will let users post links, videos and status updates on Facebook and Twitter ( other social network services will be added later). RockMelt also has a chat client and RSS reader.

You log in to RockMelt before you use it using your Facebook account. The browser uses your Facebook settings and information to personalize your web browsing and search based on your for social circle. The browser keeps you updated with information from your friends and social network on sidebars.

The left sidebar shows your picture at the top. The friends you interact with the most show up below you.

You can post a new tweet or update your Facebook profile by clicking on your picture.

You can contact a friend or chat with them by clicking on their picture. You can also share information with your contacts by dragging an image or video on a web page and putting it on their icon.

Your user information is saved by RockMelt and and synced when you log into the browser.

You can find out more about the RockMelt social browser at or watch the video below.