ZabaSearch Offers Reverse People Tracking Search

Ever wondered who is searching for you online?

ZabaSearch, a free people search and person finder site, has created a reverse people search and tracking service called ZabaSphere.

ZabaSphere is a realtime notification tool that lets people find out who, when and where another person searches for them online using their name or social security number.

ZabaSphere is a free online tracking search that lets people control the personal information that is available about them online and what shows up in people search results for their name.

ZabaSphere will email a ZabaAlert when a person’s name is searched on the ZabaSearch people finder, Google search, Bing search or other online searches.

Users will be sent details about the person who did the search for their name.

ZabaSphere also lets people see their own personal monitoring results, where they can review name search activity on themselves and manage their ZabaAlert people search notifications.

Zaba Search is a popular people search engine that can find a person and personal information through public records, social networks, whitepages, professional profiles and other consumer data.

ZabaSearch’s people search typically provides more details than a typica white pages search or web search since their site is focused on name search and people search.

ZabaSearch matches a person’s name and information across a large number of people and public records databases.

People can signup for ZabaSpere reverse people tracking @