Google Gains Search Share While Bing Drops

The latest search engine statistics from StatCounter show Microsoft’s Bing search engine losing US market share to Google search. Bing dropped 1.17 percent to 8.47 percent in September from a peak 9.64 percent share that Bing had in August.

However, Google’s search engine market share in the US rose from 77.83 percent in August to 80.12 percent in September.

Bing’ search drop is interesting in light of the search engine’s steadily climbing performance since it launched along with the new features Bing added to internet search like indexed Twitter tweets.

Google recently announced nine new search options to help users find what they are searching for, including: searching fresh information by past hour, date range, commercial sites, visited and not yet visited sites, books search, blog search and news search options.

Source: Top News.