Mother and Daughter Reunited After 40 Years

Here is a great mother and daughter reunion story that shows how online people search efforts can reunite a mother with her long lost daughter after almost 40 years —

A woman whose kids were taken from her by the East German Stasi secret police was recently reunited with one of them after nearly 4 decades.

Petra Hoffmann, now 55 years old, was reunited this week with her daughter Mandy Reinhardt, now 38 years old, for the first time since the East German Communist police seized her after she was born.

Mandy was born in 1971. Her father was a political dissident who had served prison time for speaking against life under the rule of Communist East Germany.

“The Youth Welfare people came to my door one day, said I was not a fit person to be a mother,” said Mrs Hoffmann.

“They put me and her into a home. Days later, against my will, Mandy was given up for adoption.”

After the Berlin wall fell she began the hunt for her children.

She hounded government authorities, put notices in newspapers, asked for help from old friends. But the Communist police had destroyed most of the paperwork and her search went nowhere.

However, six weeks ago, a letter came from Berlin to Petra which read: “You don’t know me at all, but I believe you are my mother.” Mandy had been searching for her mother since 1992 after her foster parents she was given to informed her that she was adopted.

Mandy had searched for her mother on the internet and wrote to government authorities for help, but ultimately found a plea that her mother had posted on a website, which led to the communication and recent reunion between the two.