Google Adds Timely Search Options

Google has made some recent changes to help their search engine compete with the real-time search engines by adding search options that allow people to choose search results based on freshness and timeliness.

Today Google announced 9 new search options that allow users to refine their searches:

Past Hour and Date Range: Users can see the most recent results in the Google index, or get results from a specific date range. These search options will show you the freshest information or information that was released during a specific time period.

More Shopping Sites or Fewer Shopping Sites: Choose the “More shopping sites” option to show more commercial pages and product prices in Google’s search results. In addition, you can choose the “Fewer shopping sites” option to weed out many of the commercial search results.

Visited Pages or Not Yet Visited Pages: Find pages you’ve visited already by choosing the “Visited pages” option or remove the pages you’ve visited by choosing “not yet visited.” To use these options you must be signed in to a Google user account and have your web history enabled.

Books, Blogs and News: Choose these options when you want your Google Search results from one of these sources. Using these filters together, along with video, forum, and review options allows you to change between different source types directly from Google’s search results.

You can use the new search options yourself by doing a search on Google and clicking the “Show options” in the blue bar under the Google logo.

Source: Google