Court Order To Be Served On Twitter

According to BBC News a High Court in the UK has approved an injunction that will be served through the Twitter social network.

The court order will be served against an anonymous Twitter user who posts on Twitter using the same name as a UK political blogger.

The court order requires the anonymous Tweeter to reveal their real identity and stop posing as Donal Blaney, who writes for his own blog called Blaney’s Blarney.

The order claims the anonymous Twitter user is violating the copyrights of Mr Blaney’s writing.

Blaney told BBC News that the opinions being posted anonymously to Twitter under his name are “mildly objectionable”.

Mr Blaney requested the court to serve the injunction through Twitter instead of dealin with the hassle of contacting Twitter headquarters and asking them to handle the issue.

UK law allows injunctions to be served by various electronic means including faxes and email.

Mr Blaney got the idea to use Twitter to serve the injunction after he heard about a recent legal case in Australia where a court order was served via the Facebook social network.

Mr. Blaney said he believes this to be the first time Twitter will be used to deliver a court order.

Source: BBC News