Attack Of The People Search Engines

You can run, but you can’t hide, people. It is the attack of the people search engines and public record databases.

Google, Facebook & Spokeo! OH, MY!

Almost daily, this neat triumvirate of web search, social network and people search engine makes the news because they upset some paranoid privacy activist; grandstanding politician or bored journalist over the amount of personal information about people that can be found on their sites with a simple name search.

Yes, the flying monkeys can now find you and your personal information with an easy online people search.

Go figure, people share minute-by-minute details about themselves along with tabloid-style personal photos on every social network and social media site there is and then they get upset that another person can find them with a name search or reverse lookup search.

Sometimes people are just shocked to find out that public records are actually “public” and that information aggregators like Rapleaf, BeenVerified and People Smart actually make much of this personal information about people easy to search online.

Imagine what the masses would say if they knew what was available on people search and public record databases like Accurint or Merlin. However, these people and public record searches are off limits to most people.

And Big Brother only knows what people search guru Hank Asher’s new public records data-mining system TLO can find out about you with a name search, reverse lookup or social security number search, but, again, most people will never be allowed to use this huge people search database to find a person or do a background check on someone.

Don’t worry, people, you can always remove your name and personal data from these people searches by “opting-out”.  Then again, with a fresh input of public records and personal information into the database, your name, address, tabloid pictures, phone number and other personal and public record information could find their way back on a people search engine.

If you think this is all you have to worry about, just wait until a people search site or web search like Google rolls all of this personal information into one Monster People Search.

Yes, the Godzilla of people search engines is coming down the road at some point. This people search is so scary you can’t even imagine it yet. This advanced people search engine will make the task of finding someone a trivial act.

This mega people finder will locate people and associated personal information in real-time or near real-time, depending on the person and name being searched.

To rephrase a famous ( lost in translation ) quote from the game Zero Wing: “All your information are belong to us.”

If you want to take a funny look at where the future of online people searches and public record research is heading, watch the clip below for the original Zero Wing quote.