Search For People By Name On KGB People

KGB People is a new free people search engine that lets you find people by first name and last name or username. You can search for people by name across 24 social networks, including Facebook’s Friend Finder, LinkedIn people search, MySpace, Jigsaw’s personal profiles as well as people profiles on other social networks.

In addition, KGB People search includes people data from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other people searches.

KGB People will also search for a person by name on picture and video sites as well. KGB People search settings allow you to include as many or as few online sources as you want in your people search. Tick boxes allow you to choose which social networks, search engines, image or personal profiles you want to include in your online people search.

You can also search for people worldwide or in a given region like the U.S.

People search results on KGB are conveniently displayed by online source in drop down files, allowing you to see results of your people search one source at a time, instead of the information overload that some free people search sites display their searches in.

Two additional search tools that the KGB People search engine provides is email alerts and message posts. KGB People will email you alerts when new people search results are available for the person you are trying to find.

In addition, KGB People will let you post an online message for the person you are searching for.

To leave a people search message for someone you are trying to find, all you have to do is fill out a form with your name and contact information as well as the person you are looking for along with details about your people search post and the person’s age, place of birth and last known location.

The KGB People search engine lets you find a person by name for free and displays search information that other people search sites charge for.

KGB’s people search engine was created by the same people who started the popular KGB Answers service.

To search for a person by name on KGB People, just enter the person’s first and last name in the search box below and are on your way to finding someone for free with KGB.