People Search Book

People search experts Monica Porter & Gill Whitley have been helping people find lost family and friends for over 11 years. Their successful people searches and reunions have been published in a weekly Daily Mail newspaper column called “Missing and Found” since 1999.

Gill Whitley started working as a volunary people finder to help others find lost family after she found her husband John’s long lost mom through a series of people searches.

The Daily Mail turned the Whitley’s successful people search for John’s mom into a weekly people finder column “Missing and Found”, where people could ask for help in finding missing friends and family that they had lost contact with.

After someone submits their people search request, the Whitleys along with other readers try to find the person for them.

When the Daily Mail’s people finder column was started 11 years ago it was a visionary service that predated the rise in all of the free people search engines and people finder sites that now populate the internet.

Porter & Whitley’s people finder column has received about 25-30 letters a week from people trying to find someone. About 6,000 people have been found through the service.

Porter’s people search book “Long Lost” is a collection of 75 stories about some of the successful people searches that her and Whitley have done over the years.

“Long Lost” is about people who are trying to find people from their past like lost friends and family members and how people searches have helped reunite those people with lost friends and family.

Whitley also reveals how her people search and person finder tools and methods have changed over the years with online public records and people search databases and how online people search engines have replaced old-school investigative work when trying to find a person.

The book also has a people search guide on how to find a person yourself. “Long Lost” also gives people good advice about when it is best not to search for a person from your past.

Ironically, helping people find someone they have lost contact with is very personal for Gill Whitley since she has been unable to find her own father, even after years of doing successful people searches for others.

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