Find People By Username On

A neat people search tip that I have shared with others over the years is to take a person’s username that they use online ( from email, chat session, message boards or social profile(s) ) and do a Google search on it. I have found over the years that a reverse people search on Google with a username can help you find some very interesting ( and sometimes unspeakable ) things about people you are looking for or doing a background check on.

People will often use the same ( or similar ) username in their email, social network profiles, dating sites and other online activities. This tendency towards uniformity can be a big asset when doing a background check or people search online, helping you find location or personal information on a person.

The people search engine has just added a username search to their other people finder tools. You can now search for people on Spokeo using a person’s username, in addition to their Name Search, Reverse Email Search and Reverse Phone Number Search.

Doing a people search by name is an exciting and powerful addition to the Spokeo people finder search.

To test out the new Spokeo username search, I made up a username called “whoknows” and ran a search for it on

Spokeo’s search engine found numerous people who go by this username online. Our people search for the username “whoknows” found 35 people under this username online listed on Pretty impressive for a username search that was made up.

You can also use Spokeo’s username search to trace and find places online where your own username is being used. This can help you track your own identity to see if other people are impersonating you online.

People who want to try Spokeo’s username search can find it at