Find A Person By Name With People Search

The people search has the potential to be a great way to find people by name. lets people create a personal page that collects the personal data from all of their other social networking profiles in one place. People use their real names, contact information, email address and often a picture of themselves along with personal information from their other social networking sites like LinkeIn, Facebook, FourSquare etc.

You can search for people on by name to find much of their social information in one location. In just a few weeks the site has already registered hundreds of thousands of people and has been purchased by AOL. If reaches critical mass, where millions of people are creating profiles using their real names and centralizing the personal information from their social networks, the people search site will truly become a great place to search for and find people.

For example, we did a name search for Tony Conrad, the founder of, to show how much personal information is potentially available with a people search on the site.

People search results for Mr. Conrad reveal his profile, including his name, picture and short biographical information.

{ Profile Page For Tony Conrad }

From our people search for Mr. Conrad we can find out his online social profiles and the personal information they contain. Mr. Conrad has a very active online presence with personal information available on Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and PlanCast.

Our people search for him found his Facebook profile.

{ Facebook People Search Results }

In addition, his profile revealed location information from his FourSquare account. This showed that he had recently visited Paris, France and the places he “checked in” while there.

{ Location Search on FourSquare }

Our people search for Mr. Conrad also revealed his planned future locations from his Plancast profile.

{ Future Plans Found on Plancast }

We know from the Plancast information found with our people search for him that he plans on attending a lunch with Rupert Murdoch on Jan. 20, 2011 and then Domain Fest in Feb. 2011.

We were also able to easily find professional information for him from our people search on, including his LinkedIn profile.

{ LinkedIn Profile }

It is easy to see the potential for as a people search and people finder site. However, the usefulness of as a way to find people by name or do a background search for people will depend on several things, including how many people register their names and profiles on the site and how much social network information they share on it.

Obviously, a people search for Tony Conrad is a somewhat trivial name search on, since he is the founder and has a significant online presence. However, if millions of people start registering their names and profiles on it will be a very good way to find people and personal information online as well as contact and reunite with people from your past.

You can register your own profile or use the people search at