“Searching For …” TV Series To Search & Find People

Expert people finder Pamela Slaton has been helping people find people for over a decade.

After a series of people searches and hiring a professional people finder to locate her birth mother, only to find out that her mother did not want to meet her, Pam started her own people search service to help others find lost family, friends and loves.

Now Pam will star in her own people finder TV series on the Oprah Winfrey Network called “Searching For …”

The real life documentary will showcase her people search expertise as she helps people find family and friends that they lost contact with or birth parents they never knew.

“Searching For” is about the people search process and what it takes to successfully find someone from your past. The series shows the highs and lows of going through a lengthy search to find someone you have lost contact with.

Pam says she is addicted to doing people searches and helping people find people from their past.

Every people search story is different, and the results of a people search can be unpredictable. Sometimes finding a person ends with a happy reunion, but sometimes a people search ends with rejection by the found person or sad loss.

Pam uses a variety of tools to help her find a person, including public records, people search databases and personal interviews.

Interestingly, “Searching For …” debuts at a time when it has never been easier for a person to find someone from their past through the use of a Google people search; Facebook people finder or any number of free online people search sites.

However, there will always be people search cases that are more difficult and require more than a free people search engine or a White Pages or Google search. These search cases require special skills that only a professional people finder like Pam can handle.

Pam has successfully solved some of the hardest people search cases around the world, many of the people that Pam helps to find lost family start with very little information, typically adoption searches for a birth parent that lack much useful information.

Pam’s people search service has around an 90% find rate and she has successfully completed thousands of people search cases in her career.

Pam warns anyone who is trying to find a person from their past that searching for people requires mental preparation so that you are prepared to accept the any results that the people search ends with. Not all people searches end on a happy note with a friendly reunion at the end of the search efforts.

Pam loves doing people searches for clients and giving them closure after years of trying to find someone from their past. She says she is haunted by the people searches that she has not closed succesfully.

Pam urges people to never give up if the person they are trying to find is hard to locate. She has seen the most difficult people search cases end successfully. The main thing is to be persistent when trying to find people from your past.

There are numerous free people search sites and social network searches online now that finding people is easier and cheaper than ever. We routinely write about the best online people search sites and tips on this blog to help you find a person that you are trying to locate.

The “Searching For …” people search TV series starts on Monday Feb. 14th @ 9/8c PM on OWN.

To see Pam in action helping a young man find his birth father, watch the clip below:

You can visit the site for Pam’s people finder search at http://www.pamelaobr.com/.

You can find out more about the “Searching For” series at http://www.oprah.com/own-searching-for/Searching-For–OWN-TV.

Best of luck with your own people searches.