Find Someone With People Search & Person Finder Sites

Doing a free people search to find a person is easy with the growing number of online public records searches and people finders.

People can easily search online public records for personal information that was difficult to find in the past. A simple social network search can allow a person to find people by name.

People finder sites and public record searches that are needed to locate someone or do a background check no longer require a person to be a detective or skip tracer. In fact, many professional people finders are using the same online person searches that are available to everyone.

Social network searches along with online people search engines, online public records as well as internet searches like Google and online white pages have made it easy to find someone.

The online people searches used to find a person or do a background check with public records are virtually limitless.

Here are some of the best ways to find people or do background checks on a person.

Free People Finders

The internet is full of free people search and people finder sites. Some of these person finders are better than others. Some of the better online free people searches are Zaba Search, 123 People, Pipl and KGB People.

ZabaSearch used to be one of the best free people searches online, however it is quickly being replaced by a new generation of people finder sites that contain people profiles from social networks and other sources. ZabaSearch lately is more of a marketing tool for Intelius’ paid people search, public records and background check services.

Many person searches provide the same basic data gathered from various online sources. They typically allow you to search for people by name and location and provide a mix of useful as well as useless information on people.

Since these people searches are free, there is no harm in doing a name search on any of them. However, it is up to you to determine how reliable the people search results are for any person you are trying to find.

Numerous person finders and free people lookup searches can be found online at MelissaData

The Mocavo name search is another good free people search site. Mocavo is a genealogy search engine where you can find people by name, location or other personal information. The Mocavo people search contains billions of public records sources to help you find someone online.

People Search Engines

There are a number of good paid people search sites online, including Spokeo, People Smart, BeenVerified and People Finders.

These paid people search and public record data providers offer name searches, reverse lookups and public record searches for a fee.

Some paid people finder sites like Intelius have come under increased public and political scrutiny for privacy issues and data accuracy.

Here is more information on how to find someone using people search engines.

White Pages Search

Whitepages is still the best place to do a basic free 411 people search online. A White Pages search lets you search for people by name, location, phone number and address.

Before the rise in popularity of online social networks and people search engines, there was basically along with Yahoo people search and Google to find a person. In the early days of the internet, your options for finding a lost friend or relative were limited.

Reverse People Lookups

Reverse lookups let you take a known piece of information about a person to do a reverse people search. Reverse lookup searches typically involve doing a search for a person by email address, user id, address or phone number to find any personal information associated with it.

There are numerous reverse people searches online. The best free reverse lookups can be done using Google or A free phone number search or address search can be found on the White Pages site.

A free reverse email search can be found at will search for people by email address across numerous social networks. Numerous other reverse people search sites can be found online.

In addition, paid people search sites like, and have good reverse people search tools for a fee. Basic reverse search results are free, but detailed personal information will cost on these people search engines.

Find a Person With Social Network Searches

Social network searches have become a great way to find people for free. Over 50% of people in the US have a Facebook profile containing their first and last name, making the world’s largest social network one of the best places to search for a person by name in the US.

Even employers and law enforcement use the Facebook people finder search to locate people and do basic background checks. Facebook’s people search has arguably replaced Google as the web’s best way to find a person by name. Other social networks that are good places to find people are LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and MySpace people searches as well as location-based person search sites like FourSquare.

Sites like and allow people to collect all of their social network accounts in one place and make it easy to find a person and all their associated online profiles with one people search.

People are becoming more connected and easier to find as a result of social networks. The power of social network searches as a tool to find and locate a person as well as do background checks will only grow.

Find Someone On Internet Search Engines

Google really is the original people search engine. Although Facebook’s people search has replaced some of Google’s dominance as a people finder tool, Google is still a great all-around way to find a person online. A name search on Google typically returns some good public records or personal profile data on people.

However, the results of doing a people search by name on Google are getting junky with so many “name farms” ( people search sites that have millions of name pages that contain little or no useful people search data on them and are designed to get you to pay for more detailed results ).

Most of the major people search sites have “name farm” directories with millions of pages of names and useless search information. It will be interesting to see if Google eventually penalizes these “name farms” the same way they did content farms earlier this year.

One thing is for sure doing a people search by name is not as good as it used to be on Google and the rise of “name farms” in Google’s name people search results is one of the reasons Facebook has become a better people finder search than Google.

Google is also good for doing a reverse people search by address, phone number or email. Do do a reverse people search on Google, just type in the person’s phone number, address, username or email address and see what search results you get.

In addition, Bing is also a good search to use to find a person by name since Bing incorporates people profiles from Facebook into their name search results.

Find People In Real Time

Location based people searches like Foursquare as well as location based applications, GPS and geotagging point the way to people search tools that will find people in real time.

These real time people search sites will get better as more users adopt the technology.

Find People with Image Search or Facial Recognition Searches

Sites like and Google Goggles make it likely that doing a people search with pictures and facial recognition will soon be a viable way to find a person online.

In addition, doing a people search by name on Google Images can help you identify people and find which web sites they are listed and pictured on. I recently unearthed a virtual criminal record file on someone by doing a name search on Google Images. Here I discovered mugshots and criminal records along with news articles on a person that I was trying to find.

Search For People With Online Public Records

Free online public records are a great way to find people or get information on a person. In the US, public records searches are available at the federal, state, county and local levels.

The availability of online public record searches will vary by location. However, most major counties and cities have good online public records searches.

One of the best ways to find a person through public records is through various civil or criminal court record searches as well as online property tax assessor searches. Property assessor searches are typically available at the county government level and can be done with a name search or address search.

There are some really good directories of online public records searches including: Online Searches, as well as public records print directories from BRB Publications.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to do a people search online to locate a person or find someone along with public records searches to do background checks on people and the online searches available to help you find a person will continue to grow.

Good luck with your people search.