New People Search & Public Record Database From IDI Data

DatabaseThere is a new people search and public record database that is only available to skip tracers, investigators and legal and law enforcement professionals. IDI Data is a new “data fusion” company that has reportedly compiled profiles on every adult person in the United States for their idiCore search service.

However, IDI Data isn’t your everyday, public people search engine. The IDI database is only available to professionals that have a legitimate reason for accessing the personal information that it contains.

IDI Data is the brainchild of some former TLO employees. TLO is also a proprietary database that is used by law enforcement and investigation professionals. TLO was created by database pioneer Hank Asher. Before his death in 2013, Hank Asher was a bit of a data rebel who created and sold a number of well-known database companies that specialized in collecting people search and public record information and reselling it to businesses and government agencies.

Data providers like IDI Data and TLO collect personal information and public records on people from various government and business sources and make it all easy to search from one service. Some of the pieces of information that database companies typically collect are motor vehicle records, court records, property records, addresses, phone numbers, license plate scans and consumer marketing data.

However, IDI Data takes public records and personal data collection to a whole new level by adding demographic, behavioral and consumer buying information to the mix. According to CEO Derek Dubner, IDI Data has already created personal records for every adult in the United States, including young adults who often get missed by conventional database searches. The company even claims to have profiles on early twentysomethings who still live at home with their parents.

IDI Data’s reports on people can include past and current street addresses; email addresses; phone numbers; past and present property ownership; mortgage information; vehicles owned; civil records; criminal records; and contact information for neighbors who live nearby.

Investigators say that the merging of consumer buying and behavioral data with people search and public records takes IDI’s database search to a level beyond that of typical database searches.

Databases like IDI and TLO are federally regulated and are subject to oversight by the Federal Trade Commission. Before users can search databases like IDI, they have to choose a permissible use for the search they are doing. These permissible uses are determined by various privacy laws.

Industry professionals who use public record databases like IDI and TLO include: skip tracers, debt collectors, attorneys, paralegals, private investigators, law enforcement, employers, landlords, process servers, repo agents and bail bondsmen.

Some permissible uses for databases like IDI include: skip tracing, fraud investigations, risk assessments, identity verification, legal compliance, due diligence and professional investigations.

In addition to IDI and TLO, some of the other popular people search and public record databases that are used by investigation professionals include: Accurint, IRB Search and Tracers Information Specialists.