Man Reunited With Abandoned Girl He Found 22 Years Ago

Kiran Sheikh and Joe Campbell Reuion
Kiran Sheikh is reunited with Joe Campbell

A woman who was abandoned in a telephone booth 22 years ago as a baby has been reunited with the man who found and rescued her.

Kiran Sheikh, 22, was only two hours old when she was abandoned by her mother and left in a London phone booth on April 30th, 1994. Joe Campbell, 52, is the man who found Kiran when he went to use the phone booth. After discovering the baby girl, Joe called the police to handle the situation.

Kiran was born to a single mother who was in a bad relationship at the time of Kiran’s birth. The scared woman, who already had 6 other children, left Kiran in a phone booth in East London. The mother placed a call from the phone booth to an organization called the Samaritans to come and get the baby, but before the group made it to the location, the baby girl was found by passerby Joe Campbell.

After the police arrived, the baby girl was taken to a local hospital and given the name “April,” after her birth month, and the last name of Campbell, after the man who found her. Kiran was later renamed by her adopted parents.

At the age of 8 years old, Kiran’s adopted family told her the strange circumstances surrounding her birth.

Kiran was adopted by a family and grew up never knowing who the person was who had saved her. As she got older, she became interested in trying to find the person who had rescued her, but didn’t know where to search for him. Kiran decided to take her personal story to the local media and they publicized her search efforts to find the man that rescued her as a baby.

After a media story ran about Kiran’s search, Joe Campbell came forward and made it public that he was the person who had found Kiran 22 years ago. Now, Kiran and Joe have been reunited in London for the first time since he discovered her in the booth 22 years ago.

Kiran said that she has been waiting for 15 years to meet Mr. Campbell and she is grateful that they now have the chance to meet again.

Campbell said that he is glad that Kiran was able to find him after all of this time. He said he has never forgotten her or the night he found her in the booth. He said that seeing her again after 22 years was one of the happiest days of his life. Campbell said that he considers Kiran to be one of his children and had always hoped that they would have the chance to meet again before he dies.

Campbell actually tried to adopt Kiran after he found her, but he was told that he could not adopt her because he was single at the time.

When Kiran was three years old, she received a letter from her birth mother, apologizing for what happened. Kiran has managed to find and have communications with some of her other biological siblings. However, Kiran has still not found or reunited with her birth mother.