Long-Lost Siblings Reunited At Career Fair

Terrell & Faith
Terrell, Trooper Crenshaw and Faith ( photo credit: New Jersey State Police )

This story shows that a reunion between two long-lost family members can occur in the most unlikely and unexpected of places.

A brother and sister who were separated 8 years ago were unexpectedly reunited when they met while attending the same career fair.

Terrell and Faith are siblings that were separated 8 years ago when they were placed into separate foster homes. The brother and sister lost contact when Faith changed her last name.

As chance would have it, the long-lost siblings were accidentally reunited while talking to the same job recruiter at a law enforcement career fair in Newark, New Jersey that was being sponsored by the New Jersey State Police. Ironically, the job recruiter that Terrell and Faith were talking to had also been a foster child.

Trooper II Quaron Crenshaw was the recruiter the siblings were talking to when happenstance and similar career interests brought them together again after almost a decade apart. Trooper Crenshaw said that it was amazing to be there when Faith and Terrell reunited again. He said that he hopes they both decide to pursue careers in law enforcement.

The New Jersey State Police also issued a statement on their Facebook page, congratulating Terrell and Faith on their unexpected reunion and wishing them both future success in the law enforcement field.