FirstTwo Gives Police Realtime People Location Data

FirstTwo App
FirstTwo Realtime Location Map – iPhone App

FirstTwo is a new real-time people location tool that was developed by Niraj Shah for use by law enforcement agencies. Niraj Shah co-founded and sold the popular people search and public records service site Intelius.

After talking with some first responders who work in the profession, Shah recognized a problem that he thought he could fix with a new data service. FirstTwo is Shah’s new data project that will offer real-time location and contact information to law enforcement professionals about other police and people in the area.

Shah said that he wanted to take his background in personal data and information and use it to create applications for professions that are lacking in this area. Shah said that he thinks law enforcement is one of the areas that is in need of real-time location and contact information on people.

When law enforcement officers show up at an accident or crime scene, FirstTwo shows them the locations, names, addresses and phone numbers of people and other police officers who are in the area. FirstTwo gets their information from public record information, social media profiles and Google Maps.

The FirstTwo app offers police departments and officers the following features:

  • Real-time GPS mapping
  • People’s name and contact information
  • Public records information
  • Smartphone, tablet and PC applications

The app can be used to virtually search neighborhoods for potential witness and suspect locations and obtain information on suspects and potential witnesses

Shah used some of his money from the sale of Intelius to fund FirstTwo. FirstTwo became operational in January 2016, and so far about 60 police departments have signed on to use their location services.

Shah hopes that new location-based information programs like FirstTwo can help police officers make better decisions when responding to potentially dangerous situations while out in the field.