Woman Finds Her Mom After A Long People Search

Goldie Waltman & Patricia Lorenz
Goldie Waltman ( left ) reunites with her daughter Patricia Lorenz ( right )

In 1954, Goldie Waltman gave birth to a baby girl that she had to give to another couple to care for and raise. Waltman says that giving her baby daughter to the couple was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life.

Last week, Waltman was reunited with her daughter, Patricia Lorenz, for the first time in 62 years.

When Waltman gave birth to Patricia she was in a tough situation. Waltman, now 85 years old, was unemployed and single in 1954 when Patricia was born. Waltman says that she thought about and prayed for her daughter every day over the past 62 years, but never thought that she would see her again.

Waltman now has five other children. She managed to keep the birth of Patricia a secret from her other children until the truth came out five years ago during a visit to her doctor. During that visit, she divulged to her doctor that she had six children. When one of Waltman’s daughters tried to correct her by saying that she only had five children, Waltman confirmed that she actually had six children.

It was after that family revelation at the doctor’s office that Waltman and her children started a long people search to find the daughter that Waltman had given up in 1954. Little did they know that Patricia had started searching for Waltman when she was 16 years old and had been trying to find her mother for 47 years.

The mother and daughter finally found each other through the people search on Ancestry.com and were able to contact each other through the site. Within 24 hours of exchanging messages on Ancestry, the two women were talking on the phone and they have been in constant contact with each other ever since.

Although Patricia lives in Alabama and Waltman lives in Pennsylvania, Patricia was able to travel to Pennsylvania recently to finally meet her long-lost mother. The two women were grateful that they were finally able to reunite after all of these years.

Patricia said that it is great to finally meet her birth mother for the first time after all of these years.