Man Finds His Biological Family After 42 Year Search

Dave & Maureen Reunion
Dave Lowe reunited with his birth mother, Maureen Lartey. ( Photo Credit: North News And Pictures )

Just a few months after he was born, Dave Lowe, 57, was given up for adoption by his mother because she was unable to raise him as single mother. Dave searched for his birth family for 42 years before giving up. He even enlisted the help of a UK television show called Long Lost Families that helps people find and reunite with their families. However, even the show was unable to locate his family.

Dave eventually gave up trying to find his biological family. However, unbeknownst to him, his daughter Louise decided to start searching for them on her own.

Louise found a family tree that was shared on a site called Genes Reunited and discovered that the person who posted the family information was a woman by the name of Lisa Anderson. Louise and Lisa later learned that they were cousins. Louise used the information from the family tree to do some family name searches on Facebook’s people search to find other people who might be related to her father.

Through her Facebook searches, Louise found a woman by the name of Zoe Anderson.  Louise sent a message to Zoe on Facebook inquiring about her family details and asking her if she new anything about her father Dave’s adoption. Zoe responded to Louise and confirmed that she was her dad’s sister.

After her discovery of Zoe and additional family details, Louise contacted her father, Dave Lowe, and informed him that she had found his birth mother, sister and two brothers. Dave said that having siblings was one of the biggest things he missed in life. That missing part of his family gave him a terrible sense of loneliness while growing up.

Dave now has more family than he could have dreamed of while growing up. In addition to his mother and three siblings, Dave also has eight nieces and nephews in his newfound family.

Dave’s birth mother, Maureen Lartey, is now 76 years old. She said that she tried to get in touch with her son when he was younger, but the UK adoption laws back then prohibited birth parents from contacting any children that they gave up for adoption. After contact had been made with Dave’s biological family, Maureen told him that she had always hoped that she would find him before she died.

After finding and reuniting with his biological family, Dave found out that they had also been searching for him for 25 years.

Congratulations to Dave and his entire family for never giving up their search and finally finding each other after decades of searching.