Search Engine for Faces & People

A new search engine that promises to find people in photos on any web site is currently in the alpha testing phase of development. The new people search engine is called Polar Rose and is the brainchild of Swedish mathemetician Jan Erik Solem.

The search engine will recognize people and faces in digital online photographs, with the use of proprietary mathematical models and the input of users, who will recognize and tag people in photos with names. We are still unsure as to how Polar Rose will differ from the people search & facial recognition search site at

Republished from the Polar Rose web site —

Polar Rose is a photo search engine that lets you find anyone, on any photo, on any site.

Polar Rose uses unique face recognition technology to help search and find pictures of people, whether in your individual web album or across the web. We’re picking up where traditional text search engines simply can’t go!

Polar Rose is available as a browser plug-in, hence it works on any public photo. No matter if you’re browsing flickr, 23, Kodak gallery, or any other website, Polar Rose lets you discover people in pictures. Learn who people are, and help improve results by tagging pictures together with other users.

You can sign up for a notification when the the Polar Rose search engine enters beta testing @ Polar Rose.