MetaSearch Engines – A Better Way to Search the Web

Are metasearch engines a better and more efficient way to do people searches, public record research and web searching? A recent story on seems to think so.

The article discusses the advantages of using metasearch engines and discusses some of the web’s best metasearch engines that people may want to try for their online research.

From the article —

Which search engine is better – Google, Yahoo, or MSN? The correct answer is actually “all of the above.” Each of the major seach engines on the Internet indexes and presents information a bit differently. So why settle for the just one when you really need to unearth some important information from the web? With metasearch engines, you don’t have to.

Metasearch engines – which query multiple major search engine sites simultaneously and present you with the results – have become better than ever.

The article goes on to list some of the top metasearch engines available and discusses the features of each. The list includes,,, and

Source: Metasearch engines: A smarter way to search?