A Device That Disables Digital Cameras

For people who fear being spied on in private or public places or people who are just generally annoyed by the use of digital and surveillance cameras everywhere, researchers are working on a device that can disable digital camera operations.

A June 2006 article on LiveScience.com discusses the anti-digital camera technology —

Researchers have built a prototype device that disables digital cameras. Future versions might thwart unwanted photo-taking at a specific location and even prevent clandestine videos from being made.

The technology might one day prevent espionage in a building or stop pirating of movies from theaters.

It could even be used to stop Mom from taking pictures of her child with Santa to avoid paying for the professional shot.

The device uses sensors, lighting equipment, a projector and a computer to scan for, find and neutralize digital cameras. It looks for the reflectivity and shape of the image-producing sensors used in digital cameras. Future versions might operate in the invisible infrared range so the neutralizing technology would work unnoticed.

Source: New Device Disables Digital Cameras