Monitor Your Front Door From Anywhere For $80

Here is an excellent how-to article from Popular Science that shows people how to set up a personal surveillance system that can monitor their front door. With an inexpensive web cam and a wireless device, people can monitor people at their front door, or anyplace else, for around $80.

From the article —

Is that guy at my front door delivering the pizza I’ve been dying for, or is it one of those religious proselytizers who won’t take “no” for an answer? With an audio-equipped networked camera, I can sit at the other end of the house and beg the delivery guy to wait—or release the hounds. And if I’m on vacation in Tahiti, I can find an Internet connection or cellphone and keep an eye on the babysitter.

Networked cameras are like webcams, except that they have their own Web server built in, so they send video over the Internet without a computer. An installation suitable for your front door used to run well over a grand. But now you can get a cam online yourself for as little as $80, while $500 will buy a weatherproof, vandal-proof cam that will pan, tilt, and even zoom by remote control. And as long as you have a router that’s no more than a few years old, setup is typically just plug-and-play. Follow the steps [below], and find the best gear for three common scenarios…

In practice, the tips in this how-to article can be used for setting up a personal surveillance camera anywhere you want. Business owners could even set up one of these surveillance cams in a factory or office to monitor people and employees while they are away.

The full article is available at the link below.

Source: Watch Your Front Door From Anywhere