People Search Reunites Siblings After 40 Years

The people search is typically used by a person to reunite with former classmates that they have lost contact with, but it has recently reunited a brother and sister that had been separated for over 40 years.

Mobile, Alabama pastor Joseph Lett ( age 48 ) used the Classmates people search to find his long-lost sister that he had been told about by his mother, when he was only 10 years old. The only information he had for his search was his sister’s first name “Patricia”.

It just so happens that Patricia had been living 2,000 miles away in Sacramento, California, raising a family with six grown children. Patricia had always wondered about the life that she never had with her family.

Patricia had been given up at birth and never knew her biological family. She spent her life with a couple of foster mothers until adulthood.

About a month ago, Patricia updated her social network profiles on and Myspace. She added current pictures and wrote about her childhood spent with foster parents.

At the same time, Joseph began searching on for his long-lost sister.

Joseph says, “I went online and I typed in Patricia Lett under the search and her picture showed up. The picture spoke a thousand words.”

He instantly recognized the features of his mother in Patricia’s face.

Joseph then sent an e-mail to Patricia’s e-mail address, but she did not respond. He then tried searching for her on Myspace, where he made contact with her.

The two eventually talked on the phone, where they confirmed that Joseph’s mother Lilly Bell Lett was the mother listed on Patricia’s birth certificate.

Another successful family reunion thanks to the power of web searching and social networks.

Source: ABC News