Search Sites That Mine Twitter For Information

Twitter is a goldmine of two things: people and the topics they are currently talking about.

There are numerous services out there that help you mine the Twitter database to find out information on the trending topics on Twitter as well as the people who are tweeting about them, here are a few: –
this site posts real-time information about Twitter’s hot topics (#hashtags).

Back Tweets –
a search service that finds out how many links to a web site have been posted on Twitter.

Retweetability Index –
a site that measures and ranks Twitter users based on the influence of their tweets.

Twitter Search –
Twitter’s own search engine function for searching people and topics on Twitter.

Tweet Effect –
allows Twitter users to find out which Twitter updates made people follow or leave them.

Tweet Scan –
a keyword search engine and popularity cloud of topics on Twitter.

Tweet Stats –
people can graph their Twitter stats with this service.

Tweet Volume –
search for keyword or phrase volume on Twitter.

Twinfluence –
lets people calculate the indirect influence of themselves and their followers on Twitter.

Twist –
a search and statistical tool that allows people to find the trends on Twitter.

Twitalyzer –
is a Twitter tool that measures the activity of a given Twitter user and reports on their influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other key success measures on Twitter.

Twitter Sheep –
a Twitter application that allows people to form a tag cloud based on the biographical information of their followers.

Twitter Friends –
Twitter friends lets you find out about the hidden network of Twitter contacts that are relevant to you; visualize the Twitter network of relevant contacts and their contacts and see which of your Twitter contacts are online at the moment. –
a real-time report of the top links posted on Twitter.

Source: KD Nuggets Data Mining Resources