– Search Social Network Conversations In Real-Time

Topsy is a new social network search engine that searches conversations from online web 2.0 communities and returns search results based on the timely topical “chatter” that occurs on those communities every minute.

Some of the social networks and online communities that Topsy takes its search results from are Twitter, blogs, Flickr, Digg, Yelp, Identica as well as a host of other social networks and web 2.0 sites.

According to the Topsy “about us” page: “People use these communities to share reviews, opinions, messages, comments and discussions about things. Topsy indexes those things. Topsy indexes what people are talking about.”

The search works in real-time, unlike most other search engines. Topsy’s search engine results are timely and current, because they are pulled from what people are talking about right now, this week or over the past month.

Topsy can help you get up-to-the minute search results for any topic you wish, including people, celebrity gossip, news etc.

You can use the Topsy real-time search engine for yourself @