Is The Fastest Growing Job Search In US is now the fastest growing job search engine in the US according to ComScore.

With the unemployment rate high, more and more people are going online for their job search. Job search engines are growing as a result of this demand.

However, the Indeed job search site appears to be growing the fastest.

According to ComScore July 2009 job search traffic for was up 33 percent in the US and was up 56 percent, but traffic to the job search was up a whopping 90 percent. is considered to be the fastest growing online job search in the US and is the largest job search site when ranked by pageviews.

In July, surpassed CareerBuilder, with 171 million pageviews in the U.S. compared to Careerbuilder’s 159 million. Yahoo’s HotJobs had 96 million pageviews, had 73 million pageviews, and the SimplyHired job search trailed with 26 million pageviews.

CareerBuilder still leads among unique visitors with 10.1 million in July compared to 8.7 million for ( ranked number 2 for unique visitors )

These traffic numbers measure each site’s core job search traffic and do not include other areas of the sites like posted resumes, career advice, or professional tools.