MIT’s Personas Search Measures A Person’s Online Persona

Personas is a people search engine created by Aaron Zinman from MIT’s Media Lab. You search for your name or someone else’s name on Personas and the search engine searches the web for the context associated with it and returns a graphical profile of your online persona.

Taking someone’s name as input Personas then culls the web for information to characterize the person. Personas does this by associating the name with a set of categories created from a massive index of personal information. The search process is shown visually with each level of the processing search with the final search result showing a personal profile associated with the given name.

Personas shows the way the web sees someone’s name online. For people who have common names, the results will vary.

You can watch a demo of the Personas search engine on the YouTube video below or visit the site for yourself @ Personas.

Source: TechCrunch