CheckedProfile Verifies Online Dating Profiles & Personals Pictures

The problem of fake personals profiles on dating sites is a problem for real users of those sites.

A personals profile verification service CheckedProfile has launched in the US to help people with this problem.

People upload a picture of themselves on CheckedProfile givers the person a unique identifier for the picture. The person then writes the identifier on a sheet of paper and takes a picture of themselves holding that page. The person then uploads the second picture to CheckedProfile and fills out the information on a CheckedProfile account. After all of this is done a live person at CheckedProfile verifies that the person in both images is the same.

Verified people are then free to use their CheckedProfile picture on any online dating site where they want to proof of their identity.

The verification process at CheckedProfile seems tedious for users and labor intensive for CheckProfile, if they have to verify each profile one-by-one with an actual person. It will be interesting to see how popular this service becomes with people and how CheckedProfile manages all of the verifications if their profile verification system works.

You can visit their site @ CheckedProfile.

Source: TechCrunch