Top Google People Search For 2010

Google has announced their top people searches for 2010.

Google is not just a web search engine, it is one of the world’s best people search engines as well. People use Google to find other people, including friends, family and celebrities.

If you know how to Google people, you can find a person’s location or background information. A significant percentage of Google search queries are people search related. Doing a search on Google for a person’s name is common. In fact, many people will do a people search on Google for themselves to find out what, if any, personal information is on the web about themselves.

People searches for celebrity names on Google are also a popular past time for people.

Google has released their top celebrity people search queries for 2010 and here are the results.

Fastest Rising People Searches On Google:

1. justin bieber
2. katy perry
3. selena gomez
4. kim kardashian
5. eminem
6. lady gaga
7. miley cyrus
8. taylor lautner
9. megan fox
10. robert pattinson

There are also some people searches on Google that have quickly declined in popularity on Google this year.

Fastest Declining People Searches On Google:

1. Susan Boyle
2. Michael Jackson

There you have it, the most popular people search queries on Google for 2010. Don’t forget to do a Google people finder search on yourself, a friend or family member to reconnect with a person for the holidays.

It is amazing how easy it is to find a person online with a few simple people searches on Google. Make this year the year that Google’s people finder helps you reunite with a person from your past by doing some name searches for people on Google’s search engine.