Expert People Finder Helps People Disappear

Frank Ahearn is a professional people finder and skip tracer who used to make his living finding people.

Over the years Frank Ahearn ran a successful people search business, locating people who did not want to be found.

Frank Ahearn now offers a reverse people search service, where he helps people hide and disappear for a fee. For $12,000 – $20,000 Ahearn helps people go off “the grid” and disappear from reporters, collectors, stalkers or anyone who is trying to find them.

Ahearn has written a book called “How To Disappear” and says that people usually want to hide for two reasons: money problems or threats of violence.

His reverse people search has helped whistleblowers hide and battered housewives escape from husbands.

As a skip tracer and professional people finder, Ahearn is uniquely qualified to help people hide from others.

Ahearn worked for 26 years doing people searches and skip tracing. He would find people who have intentionally gone into hiding. Skip tracers use public record and people search databases to find people, addresses and phone numbers for people.

Ahearn notes that when you try to find a person you are really trying to find personal information that they left behind or overlooked that helps you locate them.

Questioning family, neighbors and friends can help you find a person. Exes are especially good at providing information that can help in your search for people.

Ahearn admits he did people search jobs for the mob to find people who owed money.

One time he posed as a delivery man to find Monica Lewinsky for a tabloid that hired him to locate her for a news story.

Ahearn said he had a 99% success rate in finding people he was searching for, but the people search business became harder due to stricter privacy laws.

Ahearn started helping people hide two years ago, when he had a conversation with a corporate whistleblower.

Interest in his reverse people search advice took off after he started the website

Ahearn turned his reverse people finder services into a full time business a year ago due to strong demand.

His reverse people search services includes information setting up shell corporations and using prepaid mobile phones. He also shows people how to avoid private investigators, expert people finders and skip tracers.

He says that demand for his reverse people search service is booming.

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