People Search Reunites Couple On Facebook After 38 Years

A search on Facebook’s people finder has reunited a Montana couple after 38 years apart.

Facebook is often used to find people and reunite with friends and relatives. After 38 years apart, Julie Hollar and W.L. Brantley reunited when a friend suggested that W.L. use Facebook’s people search to find Julie.

The couple originally met in the summer of 1971 when W.L. traveled through Livingston, Montana with a singing group, then both people went their separate ways.

W.L. said he spent decades trying to find Julie.

Someone suggested that he do a people search on Facebook.

However, it wasn’t long before Julie found W.L. on Facebook and sent him a friend request.

After finding each other on Facebook and meeting, the couple was married and have just celebrated their 1st year anniversary.

You can watch the video of this successful people search below.