MyLife People Search Engine Has $60M Year

In 2009 the people search sites and merged to become is a people search engine that allows people to find each other and make contact with each other through the site.

MyLife’s people search results are powered by information taken from social networks like Facebook’s Friend Finder, LinkedIn search and MySpace as well as public records data.

People can join MyLife and contribute information about themselves as well as find people.

MyLife CEO Jeffrey Tinsley says that has 41 million people registered and is attracting 2.4 million people per month.

MyLife’s people search engine contains 205 million U.S. people records with over 1.2 billion people search records worldwide. MyLife will reportedly generate $60 million in revenue in 2010.

In addition, MyLife’s people search is estimated to grow by 40 percent in 2011.

Although MyLife competes with free people search tools on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it doesn’t actually have any social networking tools other than the ability to find people and contact them.

According to a recent study people search is estimated to be a $10.8 billion industry by 2013.

Source: TechCrunch