Man Finds He Is Wanted For Murder Through Google People Search

A Florida student found out that he was wanted for a felony murder conviction through a Google people search that he did on himself.

Zachary Garcia is an aspiring DJ and thought it would be interesting to Google his name to find information online about himself.

Garcia was shocked to find out that he was wanted on murder charges by the Polk County Sherrif’s Office.

The Polk County Sheriff had mistakenly released Garcia’s driver’s license picture as part of a murder investigation.

The mistake occurred do to the misspelling of the actual suspects name. The actual suspect Zachery Garcia uses an “e” instead of an “a” in his first name.

Another odd mistake is that the two mens’ birth dates are exactly one year apart. Imprisoned felon Zachery Garcia’s birth date is March 6, 1993 – exactly one year after Zachary’s, March 6, 1992 birth date.

The police department had to find Zachery Garcia before they could arrest him. A department employee mistakenly pulled up Zachary Garcia’s driver’s license information and released it to media outlets in Orlando and Tampa.

The department was made aware of the mistaken identity when Zachary’s mother contacted them.

The Sheriff’s department has apologized to Zachary by phone and mail. In addition they have notified the major search engines to make sure the personal information is removed.

This is just one example of why it is good to do a Google people search on yourself to find out any wrong information that may have been published on the internet about yourself.