Facebook People Finder Search Reunites Five Siblings

A search on Facebook’s people finder has reunited five siblings after 40 years apart.

Their mother died from cancer in San Francisco in 1969 and the seven children were separated by family and social workers. They lived their lives for 40 years without meeting one another until a people search on Facebook reunited five of them in time for the holidays.

The four oldest siblings kept in contact over the years, however the younger daughter Yvette only recently found the others through the Facebook people finder search.

Five of the seven reunited for the first time at Beverly’s home for Thanksgiving. However, brother Antonio died several years back and the siblings have not been able to find younger brother Antoine ( currently 41 years old ) even with numerous searches done on people search engines and public record search sites.

Older brother Foster said the family still hopes to find Antoine to make sure he is OK and to bring closure to the family search and reunion.

Another example of how a simple people search with Facebook’s people finder can reunite family and friends.

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Find out more about the siblings reunion and watch a video clip on their people search story at Facebook Search Reunites Siblings.