Russian Cop Becomes Celebrity Whistleblower On YouTube

A Russian police officer turned whistleblower is posting a series homemade videos on YouTube that purport to blow the whistle on corruption and bureaucratic incompetence in Russian police departments while urging Russian Prime Minister Vladymir Putin to act.

Over the past week Russian officer Alexei Dymovsky has posted a series of three 2-7 minute personal videos that have racked up a total of 1 million hits on YouTube, and caused major controversy in Russia.

The videos immediately raised concerns about Dymovsky’s safety as well as the future of internet access and use in Russia.

The YouTube videos are extremely timely following an April 2009 massacre in a Moscow market, where a Russian cop went on a shooting spree against shoppers, injuring six people and killing three.

In addition, a Siberian police officer was sentenced to 12 years in prison for beheading a 20-year-old man after the two fought over 60 rubles ( approximately $2 ).

In Stravopol, another Russian police officer was brought before a court for allegedly killing a 17-year-old girl while drunk before dumping the body near her relatives’ house. The stories of Russian police brutality are numerous and notorious.

Dymovsky was fired soon after the videos spread across the internet, while a prosecutor has launched an investigation into libel. The Russian interior ministry initiated an investigation into the claims and the report is to be sent all the way up to Vladymir Putin.

You can watch one of the videos below, with english subtitles –

Source: Global Post