Google Latitude Upgrades People Tracking Search

Google announced yesterday that they will add enhanced people tracking and location tools to their Google Latitude search service.

The two new location features are “Google Location History” and “Google Location Alerts (beta)”.

“Google Location History” will allow Latitude users to review and store their past Latitude locations. Think of this feature as virtual electronic breadcrumbs that you can use to backtrack your past activities and travels. Google Location History can also help you visualize your travel history on both Google Maps and Google Earth or replay a recent trip in location order. Per Google, Latitude users can delete their location histories whenever they wish.

“Google Location Alerts” will now be able to recognize a user’s regular, routine locations and will send alerts for a friend’s location nearby only when a user is at an “unusual” location or when they are at a “routine” place at an unusual time.

Google cautions, it can take their system up to a week to learn a person’s “unusual” locations and start sending alerts.

To learn more about the Google Latitude application, you can watch their video below:

Source: Google Mobile Blog