MySpace Murder Plot Foiled by Police

This story is like something out of a modern crime novel. is reporting that Mesa, Arizona police have foiled the murder plot of a local woman, who wanted to have her ex-boyfriend’s new lover murdered after finding all of her information on his MySpace page.

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A murder plot has been foiled in Mesa, Arizona with the arrest of a 22-year-old woman. Police said the woman wanted her ex-boyfriend’s new lover murdered and that she was able to find all the information she needed about the new girlfriend through her ex-boyfriend’s MySpace web page.

Mesa police videotaped the meeting between Heather Kane and an undercover officer posing as a hit man. On the tape, the officer asked, “You don’t want him hit at all. Just her?” Kane is heard answering, “Just her.”

“Just an absolutely bizarre situation where you’ve got a lady so upset at someone she’s only known for three months that she feels like she needed him so badly she would have someone killed. A perfect stranger,” said Jerry Gissel of the Mesa Police Department.

Undercover cops met Kane at a grocery store parking lot. She provided pictures of the woman and addresses pulled from her ex’s MySpace web page. The officer asked, “Are you confident you want this done?” Kane responded, “I’m absolutely confident I want this done.”

Just before she reached for the money to pay the undercover officer, Kane seemed to get suspicious. “I’ve seen cop shows and stuff like that so from what I hear if I ask if you’re a cop and you say no, I’m good.” But Kane made the deal, according to officers, who said she had a final, fatal request.

“Basically [she] said she didn’t care how she was killed, but did want to see a picture of it afterwards,” said Kissel.

The undercover cop agreed. Kane was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.